Friday, October 4, 2013

I'm Back, and I Have A Lot On My Mind...

Greetings readers.  It’s been a few months since I’ve posted anything, but I hope you’ll continue to read and find some sort of takeaway from these posts.  I intend to blog more regularly, so keep visiting and sharing!  

I was discussing my previous blog posts with a friend of mine and felt the need to throw in a disclaimer about them – I now pass this disclaimer on to you, the reader.  

This blog is not intended to be a self-indulgent platform for me to throw out all of my self-acknowledged successes and thought-vomit out into the virtual world and be praised or held to some higher esteem for it.  Rather, I envision this blog being a supplementary – no matter how large or small – aspect into inspiring you on your everyday journeys and voyages. 

This thing we all call life is something we are doing together. Nobody has it figured it.  Nobody knows what is best for you, except for you. 

Now to my real post.  I’ve recently deleted my Facebook because I view that medium as one that is becoming increasingly more fictitious.  We no longer live in the beautiful moments that life throws our way: we are living these events through camera lenses.  We no longer post genuine, heart-felt status, but rather attempt to craft witty, “likeable” posts.  We no longer participate in the events we participate in for the pure joy of it, but rather feel the need to snap a picture, tag our friends, and “check-in” at any event, as if looking for some sort of virtual pat-on-the-back by how many “likes” we get.  I’ve been happier than I have been in months because I no longer have this burden of up-keeping a virtual façade of my life; a virtual façade that is clearly only driven by positively-minded posts (“don’t ever post depressing posts on Facebook, you’ll get unfriended so fast…Nobody wants to see that”) and absent-minded goals.
But as I said before, nobody has it figured out. 

You want a “takeaway?”  Do what makes you happy.  Do it all of the time. 

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